Possible Jedi

Jedi Knight Warren Gadared.

Warren was the first Jedi padawan of Reesa Doliq. He was a good student, and one whom she would later say was no challenge for her to train.

He was promoted to Jedi Knight and served the Order for many years, until one mission, investigating a pirate group, became his last and he was killed by former Jedi Nioman Dokoora. It was only years later that the Jedi Council learned of his fate.

Information Edit

Born: 97 BBY.

Died: 26 BBY.

Species: Human.

Affiliation: Jedi Order.

Jedi Path: Consular.

Weapon: Green Lightsaber.

Lightsaber Form: Shii-Cho, Niman.

Master: Reesa Doliq.

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