Rose was the daughter of bounty hunters Melissi Gabar and "Redjaw". Her mother died shortly after she was born and her father was often away on jobs, so Rose was raised primarily by their friends Rakal Dominn and Yutora Betassil. She lived on several different planets during her lifetime but always ended up back on Tatooine, specifically the town of Mos Esaro.

In 5 ABY Rakal and Yutora were killed and Rose was taken by another friend of her father's, Osk, to Casaya Team, who he was working with. Redjaw later rejoined Casaya Team, but the relationship with Rose was a strained one. Later, Osk and Redjaw parted ways with the team and joined up with Khlorinne Bloed, and soon became involved in a plan to neutralize Darth Vader. Khlorinne, however, wanted nothing to do with this and left the group, taking Redjaw's ship and bringing Rose with her. Khlorinne became Rose's guardian after a while and the two found themselves on Taldornadi with the Blood Corps, which Khlorinne had once been a part of. After the Battle of Taldornadi, Khlorinne decided she needed to go off on her own to find herself and left Rose with her brother, Talon Bloed, and his partner, Leia Organa. They adopted Rose into their family and raised her as their own.

As an adult, Rose followed her father's footsteps as a bounty hunter (and secret agent for Talon and Leia) and took on the moniker "The Black Queen."

Information Edit

Born: 6 BBY; Tatooine.

Species: Human.

Family: Redjaw; father, Melissi Gabar; mother, Talon Bloed; adoptive father, Leia Organa; adoptive mother, Addison Bloed; adoptive sister, Julien Bloed; adoptive brother

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