Rartan Rantoth was a Zabrak who grew up as a smuggler and criminal with his parents. They died in 4 ABY and he shortly thereafter found himself with the Rebel Alliance which he joined, hoping to provide some drive for his life. He was soon placed on Casaya Team, which would end up as a special forces group. It was the first time Rantoth had been so close to anyone other than his immediate family, and the experience changed him a great deal and provided direction is his life. Even more did he grow when the team gained a new member, Doreen Bark, and the two became very close.

Rantoth wielded a sword, a quite antiquated weapon, but it was mostly so that opponents would underestimate him so he could catch them off guard and dispatch them with a well-placed shot of his hidden blaster.

Information Edit

Born: 17 BBY; Iridonia.

Species: Zabrak.

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance, Casaya Team.

Weapon: Sword, Blaster Pistol.

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