Khlorinne Bloed was the daughter of the deadly assassin known as Major Blood. She was born and raised in the city of New Telmaros, one of the few places in the galaxy independent from the Empire. Khlorinne followed in her father's footsteps and pursued the path of an assassin, though she was not allowed to leave Taldornadi. She was Force-sensitive, but her father forbade her from receiving training in that area so that trait was left mostly dormant. She was, however, close friends with Lord Nihalis's apprentice Sironne Ostobel, from whom Khlorinne learned a few tricks. She wasted little time in following her father after he cut ties with Lord Nihalis and it was her job to protect a potential ally of his, and to guard a valuable prisoner; Princess Leia Organa. During this time, she encountered Casaya Team, which had been sent to rescue to Organa, and took an interest in one of their members: a sniper ex-bounty hunter who went by Redjaw. She was unable to convince Redjaw to abandon his team and join the Blood Corps and she was injured in the process. Meanwhile the rest of the rebels got past Sironne and rescued Princess Leia. Khlorinne then had to return to Major Blood with news of her failure.

Information Edit

Born: 17 BBY; Taldornadi

Species: Human

Family: Major Blood; father, Bestine Holvin; mother, Talon Bloed; brother.

Affiliation: The Blood Corps, Fist of Justice.

Homeworld: Taldornadi.

Weapon: Sniper rifle.

Occupation: Assassin.

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