This character no longer exists within Caleb's canon (and the associated Bloodlines AU), thus rendering the contents of this article obsolete.

Doreen was the second child of Azarp and Mihra Bark, former Jedi who survived Order 66 and the subsequent purge. She was born and raised in isolation on Tatooine and her only exposure to sentients outside her family were the occasional trips to the nearby town of Mos Esaro to sell crops and purchase necessities.

Unlike her brother, Doreen was not particularly proficient in any Jedi skills and did not care to hone them, something that often frustrated her parents, who were both very driven to improve their own abilities. This attitude began to change when her family left Tatooine and Doreen ended up joining the special forces Casaya Team after becoming close with one of its members, Rartan Rantoth. She began learning how to fire a blaster as well as honing her lightsaber skills some. It was during this time that Casaya Team was assigned on another mission and Doreen had to say goodbye to her parents for the first time in her life. She spent several months on tour with Casaya Team but after the team broke up she and Rantoth returned to Tatooine, where they soon decided to take up residence in her old cactus farm.

Information Edit

Born: 14 BBY; Tatooine.

Species: Human

Family: Azarp Bark; father, Mihra Reyven Bark; mother, Jorum Bark; brother.

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance, Casaya Team, Bark Family.

Homeworld: Tatooine.