Bestine was born on Kessel in a family of spacers. She moved around a lot in her youth before learning about an organization called the Fist of Justice in 25 BBY. She joined that group on Telmaros as a fighter pilot and soon became part of an elite assassination squad known as the Blood Corps. She had a brief marriage to its leader, Major Blood, and had two children with him, but the couple separated in 14 BBY. She remained with the Blood Corps for a few months longer but it didn't work out and she moved to working as a pilot in another branch of the Fist of Justice, now headquartered at Taldornadi. She remained in that occupation for several years and married for the second time but this one didn't last either and in 9 BBY she left for the Empire with her son, Gareth Holvin. She was employed in the Imperial Navy and remained there through the Galactic Civil War, until 5 ABY when she left in light of all the turmoil the Empire was facing. After hearing of Major Blood's death she returned to the Fist of Justice where Gareth was apprenticed to Lord Nihalis while Bestine joined the strike team against the Blood Corps. After that battle she disappeared again and went with Talon and a few of his remaining agents.

Information Edit

Born: 51 BBY; Kessel.

Species: Human.

Family: Jade Holvin; sister, Khlorinne Bloed; daughter, Talon Bloed; son, Gareth Holvin; son.

Affiliation: Fist of Justice, Blood Corps.

Homeworld: Kessel, Telmaros, Taldornadi.

Occupation: Assassin, fighter pilot.

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